Unlawful Detainer

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Unlawful detainer deals with landlord and tenant issues pertaining to real property. Unlawful detainer (UD) is very similar to a complaint in a civil action, however with one major difference and that is the defendant has only 5 days to respond. Furthermore, an unlawful detainer proceeding does not take as long in the court system do to the nature of the cause. In accordance with CCP§ 1179a in all proceedings brought to recover the possession of real property pursuant to the provisions of this chapter all courts, wherein such actions are or may hereafter be pending, shall give such actions precedence over all other civil actions therein, except actions to which special precedence is given by law, in the matter of the setting the same for hearing or trial, and in hearing the same, to the end that all such actions shall be quickly heard and determined. At Process Server Thousand Oaks - ECS, our knowledgeable registered process servers will serve your unlawful detianer on a tenant.
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